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Meet Our Executives

Dedicated. Experienced. Passionate.

CHW's leadership team has a strong track record in developing mega-scale energy projects. With a presence in key regions including the U.S., Europe and Asia, the team has integrated value chain expertise from upstream and technology to shipping and markets.

Simon Zhang

President &

Chief Executive Officer

North America

Mitch Silver

Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Shipping & Logistics

Lyn Reavis

Vice President

Environmental & Infrastructure

Joe Dunn

Vice President

Business Development

Murray "Vee" Godley III

Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Clay Riding

Vice President

Energy Resources


Sertac Yener

Vice President

Global Partnerships

Geoff Otterman

Senior Vice President

Business Development

Atle Knutsen

Senior Advisor

Strategic Advisor

Asia Pacific

Yanning Luo

Senior Vice President

Technology & Engineering

Hsien Xiong Wong

Vice President

Strategic Planning

Fang Liu

Vice President

Business Development

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