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Clean Hydrogen Works (CHW) is a sustainability-focused, commercially oriented project development company with extensive experience in developing integrated energy value chains.

Clean Hydrogen Works was established by an experienced team of project executives from leading global energy companies. Several veteran industry executives with experience across the energy value chain have since joined CHW as the company continues to grow.


Developing integrated clean hydrogen value chains optimized for low-cost and low-lifecycle carbon, CHW is helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs with a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy supply at scale. Clean hydrogen and ammonia as a hydrogen carrier will play critical roles in the global energy transition by complementing renewables with a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy supply at scale.

At CHW, our goal is to ensure development of projects of which both the company and communities where we operate can be proud.

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Commitment to Communities Where We Operate

We know that transparency and open, two-way communication with community members is critical, and it helps inform our decision-making processes. We want to work collaboratively to provide pathways for additional training, job opportunities, and other ways that local residents can leverage their position at the forefront of the global energy transition.

Commitment to Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value at CHW and is integrated into everything we do, every day. We recognize and value our role in safeguarding the environment and are committed to safe, reliable operations of the highest integrity.
"Clean Hydrogen Works (CHW) is ready to help fulfill the world's urgent need for clean, sustainable, affordable, and scalable energy solutions. We understand the transition to Net Zero future is now."

Mitch Silver | Senior VP, Shipping & Logistics

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