Working Together

to Provide Clean Energy
Through Innovative Solutions

for a Carbon Free World
CHW is a sustainability-focused, commercially-oriented project developer.
While we are encouraged by the excitement developing around ESG and energy transition, we believe that sustaining this momentum will require the realization of cost-effective and scalable pathways to decarbonize our use of energy.
CHW believes that the longer term solution has to be fully renewable pathways but also recognizes the urgent reality that the world needs practical and scalable solutions to get to Net Zero as soon as possible. CHW believes that developing integrated clean hydrogen value chains optimized for low-cost and low lifecycle GHG emissions provides the solution the world needs at this time to begin decarbonizing energy systems at scale.
CHW possesses extensive experience in developing integrated value chains. CHW is also collaborating with, and continues to seek, like-minded strategic partners along the value chain to expedite the delivery of this solution the world urgently needs to transition to Net Zero.