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Energy start-up proposes $7.5 billion investment in Ascension Parish

More clean energy jobs are likely coming to Louisiana. Clean Hydrogen Works confirmed to Louisiana Radio Network this morning it is planning to bring a huge ammonia plant in Ascension Parish—assuming they get all the necessary permits. Vee Godley is Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer.

“So we’re looking at producing 7.2 million tons of ammonia annually that we’ll ship out as an alternative clean energy source,” Godley said.

Godley said the facility will capture 98 per cent of the greenhouse gasses produced and another company will ship it away for safe storage. Ascension Parish beat out more than 300 other contenders for the plant. He said they received a very warm welcome from the area.

“We fit in very well with the governor’s clean energy initiative. We are very excited to work with the region and work with the community and the people to bring them the opportunities,” he said.

The company predicts building the facility would involve 1500 peak construction jobs. Then when it’s operating fully, about 350 direct full time jobs and around 1100 jobs—for an estimated $7.5 billion economic impact.  The governor’s office and the Louisiana Department of Economic Development heavily courted the company.


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